Brave Little Toaster ’87 and Kingpin ’96

Just a placeholder for a couple movies I watched recently.
Brave little toaster was good. A little traumatizing for kids wouldnt you say lol.
Movie was bizarre revisiting.

Kingpin movie 1996
That has gotta be one of the worst movies Ive seen in a while.
dont get me wrong loved the Woody Harrelson and Bill Muray Cameos, but the whole movie in general was cringey , some funny scenes but overall not that funny, just dragging on.
I thought it coulda been good and good story but just in general. I didnt like it was happy when it was over.
just something about it. It coulda been a whole 45 mins less long and, skipped the pumped full of morals, Its like pumped full of morals with a tad of fear and loathing it just is a bizarre movie.
Didnt make me think any less of the actors, but just a weird 90s movie didnt hit the mark for me, ah well.

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