The Great Outdoors ’88

Opens up to Yakkity yak lol.
This movie already hilarious, gotta miss the John Candy.
Miss movies from this era, then had the golden formula.
Dan!! Havent see Dan Akroyd since Trading places, he was so good in that.
Ah John Candy funnies takes us back to a simpler time.
Hes so jolly and loveable. Movie dad.
Omg Dan Akroyd equally hilarious.
Oh man the Chemistry with John Candy and Dan Akroyd and the families is absolutely hilarious.
Its got a national lampoon vibe.
Oh boy Monopoly. A good way to get everyone pissed off.
Bart the bear, im pretty sure with the lip. yea 3rd movie.
This movie a good laugh, wont spoil all the jokes, but its making me laugh.
wow retro A&W.
Keep the jokes coming im having a ball lol.
Just so stupid and hilarious. Slapstick and stunts.
Ah cant wait for the clichee summer trip lmao.

Author: clayton

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