Captain Kidd ’45

Fuck this movie is good.
For the black and white films ive watched on the blog this is definitely one of the better ones.
Treachery triple backstab like a Ken Follet novel.
Reminds me of Long John Silver and William Henley.

All I can say Is I adore this movie so far, cant wait to see what happens.
Good acting too.

Got caught up watching old black and white pirate movies what can I say.
Nah I like all the characters and how they play the scene and play the situation to their advantage.

Its really no doubt Disney and pirates of the carribean, (East Africa) in this case. pre suez canal (1869)
Freaking exciting.

Yeh like I said, no internet no communication, treachery triple backstabing, treasure, the gallows. Its a exciting movie really enjoying this.
Captain Kidd himself, good character, you know hes bad ass from the opening scene.
You gotta love him though, theres about 25 mins left whats gonna happen.

Man that was a good movie.
Lord Blayne got the girl Captain Kidd go his.
Good Actor though that Captain Kidd.
Loved that movie.
Glad I watched that.
Gonna have to watch more Charles Laughton really enjoyed his performance.
‘Roman Legion-Hare’ Bugs bunny Paradoy of Charles L from the wiki

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