On the Waterfront ’54

How dope is this Marlon Brando stands up against the unions.
This movie better than rebel without a cause.
love the romance, love the trauma tragedy, prizefighter.
This one of the better ones i seen in some time.
Really enjoyed this, get some mike tyson vibes,get some the producers vibes yea it all came from this.
All in all im glad i watched it, i cant beleive it marlon brando, I wrote like 300 words on apocalypse now, im just stunned.
This all came from searching best of columbia pictures, which first came, It happened one night, Easy rider, I skipped a few, Lawrence of Arabia!! Taxi driver!, and thats where im at, where tf is ghostbusters, ghostbusters owns alot of these movies, and its not on some top 10 must be for for some movie snob where it always has to be gross and contraversial. fuck then all well be watching is infinity pool on repeat with the most forbiden taboos just flagrantly plasted on the cinema ahhahaha, im just playin. NaH THE GEM COME OUT OF THE ROUGH AND SHINE like this movie picture, really good.
I didnt even know nothin bout the docks but here it has me all conflict of interest and protagonist.
Ill add that this movie is enthralling to watch, its likes casino on crack.
And, who would want to fuck with those prohibition fanatics, its a miracle of democracy it all worked out cause looking pretty grim there ahaha.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85