Sergio Leone & Lee Van Cleef

Recently watched the fistfull of dollars. Super fun.
And, For a few dollars more was even better I think.
For a director Sergio Leone is fantastic.
Really enjoy Clint of course but Lee Van Cleef is a fun actor to watch.
Ill never forget his characters lol.
The good the bad and the ugly, thats the one Ive seen the most but never seen the prequels before. Really enjoyed that.
Not used to that on the blog im always after some horrible movies so Its great when I get some classics going.
That hat shooting scene has to be my fave lol.
Just in general really enjoying these Sergio Leone movies and casts sets music the whole package with just enough humour action drama to keep you hooked in.

Issues with the blog gee I wonder what that could be lol.
Anyways just for the record I know that the dollars series arent prequels and G-B-U is is a standalone. I assume the dollar sequels are the same part one and two based on the name.
As always if someone wants to correct me from something I wrote on the blog, Im happy to admit error. Until then, I rarely edit, so that mkes me right 99% of the time all the time.
Yeh anyways really enjoyed the Few Dollars more. Dare I say its better than G-B-U ? Maybe. Although I like the length and 3 characters and action.
I dunno started watching once upon a time in the west, its good but definetly not as good as the other 3.
I definetly like the cheesy aspect, or the spaghetti portion.
Neat this was filmed in like Rome and Spain desert park seems like a fun place to visit..
Oh ya watched some History of the world pt 1 and Naked Gun.. The Patriot. Movies prolly not super worth commenting on. atm

Finished watching the Once upon a time in the west, hey turned out not too bad.
Not sure how much of a fan I am of the Charles Bronson Western, although it was pretty good.
Lots of mystery, unknowns and change of settings character. Like what happened on the mister Choo choo, and the romance between Jill and Frank. Seemed a little strange, what happened at the brick bell arch hanging. Jill sure gets bashed around alot, lol Its pretty savage. It definetly doesnt hold back on some of the western ruthlessness and raunchy/dirtyness. Although some scenes of compassion. I guess Charles Bronson wanted to get Frank himself. Anywyas neat group of characters, some comedic parts, some dramatic parts, lots of mystery, tragedy. Overall great movie glad i watched it. I would have to say I prefered some of the classic Sergio Leone, although this one was great.
I guess im reading now the dollars trilogy does include the Good the Bad and ugly however, I can see the characters change a bit in the 3rd one? i mean same characters different traits? Well anyways. I already watched the once upon a time in America so onto the last one. Might have some issues watching the Italian ones cause im not fluent, but maybe check it out dubbed or subtitles more likely.
I think that was my first Henry Fonda movie lol.
Unless Grapes of Wrath. Im not so sure about the movie though, i think the book paints better pictures in my head.
Next the Jason Robards. Vet, Hes been in some 90s movies im familiar with. He had a good role in this movie. I enjoyed the Bandit. He was the comedic relief. Of cours Charles Bronson in Great escape. Is probably the first ive seen.
Claudia Cardinale Really pretty in this film, Shes one of the only actresses from this film still left alive. Thats the first movie I seen from that huge repertoire. Some interesting characters.
These movies are nuts, these scenes with horses and tons of people and the hangings im sure alot of people got hurt or almost, as Im reading from wikipedia lol. They dont make movies like this anymore. I mean for good reason but also thats why you wont get great films, maybe Francis Ford Cappola is right hes one of the last of the ‘dictator’ film directors. Yeh I dont see how thats a low budget film neither (Few dollars more) Leitmotif thats a new word for me, I did recognize em though, didnt know that was a thing. No way 7th grossing in France thats crazy.

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