Master and Commander ’03

Wow havent seen this in nearly 20 years it seems.
better than I remembered it.
Like the epic movies.
Cringey and big boats, its like time travelling 200 some odd years ago, like 2-3 generations or more.
Another Youtube free recommendation, after I watched way downtown filmed in Calgary ahahah.
yeh thats what came on after.
I love movie night just get so engrossed by a film that I cant look away.
Gotta say too Russel Crowe is badass actor always enjoyed his movies, and his recent one popes exorcist was good too.
Especially enjoyed this one more than I remember. Napoleonic wars thats some crazy time to be alive lol.
Yeh I couldnt even imagine how wild that mustahave been.
The battle paintings are ruthless.
Cant say im too familiar with those days but i mean I know a little and what they showed in the movie, I guess was drawn from several sources.
I guess thats just not my type of party 2 boats loaded with cannons and sabers in the middle of the ocean. No morphine its like the civil war and getting hit with a cannon lol its pretty savage.

Pretty contrast to Treasure Island ahahaha.

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