Civics tax greivances

Just these stories coming up in my feed.

This video is mostly USA but feel the same sentiment up here.
I would be ashamed of my behaviour too if I was that dense.
Theres a quote in there its like : “Dont do your own research thats against the science.” Just a parody video pretty much. Its also pretty comical with use of the layered soundbites.
Hey im not trying to change anyones mind the video speaks for itself.

3 years of intense COVID propaganda, fear and hate mongering summarized in this video
by u/gx45tz in Canada_sub

Then fighting the traffic ticket, glad my taxes are going to a new arena for billionaires, literally the worst business deal imaginable while the province is burning down and toxic smoke just blankets the city and provinces states around us. Atleast the smoke brings one good news, you cant just deny it when its in your face. While the smoke blows somewhere else its easier to ignore.
Good thing my taxes are going to the important things!.

This next one, starts here with horrendous minister Dianne Lebouthier.
suspending audits of charities and political activity circa 2017.

Fast forward to whats the count now 4.45 million tax dollars going to foreign operated ‘secret’ police stations, tax money using to actively oppress citizens of this nation.
Good thing my taxes are going to the important things.

Next you got the guy that CRA demands payment after his information was stolen.

Rewind to 2020.
GC key hacked,. Geez who could be the fine minister for CRA.
Google CRA minister.
Ha yeah, I rest my case.
Of course with hybrid parliament and covid, those are some top tier excuses for incomptence, or rather criminal negligence.
The video at the top just makes it hilarious..

They you see the Worlds biggest Burl arsoned.
Churches arsoned.
Foreign interference, and you tell me its so far fetched that a single malicious actor couldnt ever be possibly responsible for setting a few blazes, yeah right.
Or if that doesnt suit you; Good thing my taxes are going to the important things.

Nope call it how i see it; A self serving abomination.
How many nuclear reactors or R&D have we completed with that massive deficit.
Not a single one oh.. I rest my case.
Tax payers building arenas, and secret police stations what a farce.
I write this from my smog covered city that couldnt manage a forest because all the public funds have been pilfered.
gotta love the army though how many domestic ops have the forces completed under this last term, more than you could shake a stick at.
And, is any recommendation taken seriously, nope.
You say climate change, but all I see is epic frauds, 800k clothing bills, flying away dodging parliament.
Oh and the last punchline just for comedic effect in this poorly written rant.

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