Movies consolidate

Watched a few recently.
Just logging.

Watched the Mutiny on the bounty 1962 with the Marlon Brando. It was good. He plays a suave officer, they all have fun in the tropics and come down hard on a overbearing officer lol.
Toss all his plants overboard.
Cool scenes and sets lots of people better than I thought it would be.
Marlon Brando movies are fun..

Watched the Heavy metal ’81.
Seen it many times was just fun toi watch the intro and the faces and animation.
Wish there was more American style animes. Really in your face and cool short stories.

Watched the Wizard ’89 Fun to watch again, seeing Double dragon, Mario 2, Zelda, Castlevania, just all the nintendo hits, and the truckers save the day lol.
Escaped from mental institute to play nintendo. Lol love it. Nintendo ruled the world. Universal Studios. The movie is just a hit. Just reminds me of being a kid again.

Watched the last Star fighter 1984.
First time seeing it. Some incredibly cheezy cgi, but it comes with the period, otherwise the movie was fun, with the beta clone robot, the back and forth, reminded me a bit of He-Man but it was good in its own way.

Warriors of virtue 1997. Cool movie first time seeing ti, neat 5 element king fu and kid stories. Um Fantasy and cool special effects, a fun villain. Movie was ahead of its time, surprised never seen it till now. Lots of cool wire special effects and neat sets, the Kangaroo costumes were also epic.

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