Swamp Thing ’82

Tried to watch the 82 Swamp thing, Its DC and Wes Craven, i just couldnt get through it lol.
It wasnt that bad, but was hard to keep my attention, its like a B movie, slightly better than something like He-Man, so it kept my attention slightly I was waiting for the cheeze and it never really came as smelly as I wanted it.
Does it make it a good movie I dont know, just couldnt make it through. lol.
Nothing against Wes Craven or DC or Swamp Thing brand, that movie just didnt do it for me.

I think the rich botanical guy ruined it, and the endless chase scenes, not enough Swamp Thing, otherwise the sets were cool the acting was average, the effects were cool.
I swear that dude bad guy the Rambo look alike in another movie I review on the bloh, Last house on the Left ’72. That movie was a little better Id say ?
Anyways for the same actor the actor was scarier in 72.
Thats gotta be the same guy, Wait a minute Wes Craven did both .. ? Neat.
David Hess is the Villain. Hes in both.
Also recognized Adrienne Barbeau but i cant think of many other movies Ive seen her in..

Oh wait Creepshow, 82
Escape From New York
New Swamp thing, Fallout 76 game
Murder she wrote, shes been in tons of shows.

Author: clayton

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