Movies clear the cue May 31

All the Aliens.
Really like these, or revisiting these.
Sigourney Weaver is the best.
Prometheus was actually awesome

meh. fun fantastical, it aint no never ending story though.
Tom cruise as a fairy lol.
With a dumb princess that breaks all the rule and cause drama.

– Batman 89 freaking dope.
Can we all agree Micheal Keaton is the best Batman. 100%

-Watched SISU. Really good. I like how it shamed hollywood, and broke barriers.
Good story ; Gripping.
Fun actors that were all about it.
Sisu is a good movie.

– Blood and gold
It was a SISU bite, same font , lesser story, I enjoyed it still but just not top tier like SISU.

– Devils Brigade.
Really dope Canadian American Rivalry.
I love this movie.
I love the American, I love the Canadians, I love the CO.
Just an all around great movie.

– Great war BBC.
Damn had to revisit this one, very graphic and informative.
episode 2.
Love watching people enjoying themselves.

Had a couple to add there.
Drop Zone.
meh cheezy 90s
Wesley snipes and Gary Busey.
meh it was ok its an ok action movie, i mighta rented it. Not sure how well it aged. Nothing bad to say about it.

Remo Williams: the Adventure begins 85′
Not sure how i found this one but it was pretty good.
Just silly mostly but still entertaining to watch.

Author: clayton

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