Curb Your Enthusiasm ’00

Wow this show is hilarious, it just goes places no other show would.
So many funny lines and how to ruin a conversation in under 5 seconds lol.
I love this show poor Larry just going around everyone hates him and always trying to ruin his day.
But, Larry Perseveres to much hilarity.

Second time watching this, first time I hadnt seen the producers before missed a bunch of jokes, its just as hilarious second time I love the scenes and cameos.
Racial commentary, fauxpas’s taboo in a lot of ways pushing the enveloppe.
Its pretty good.
Theres alot of good in the show and the rest is just hilarious jokes funny cameos, I dunno its funny to watch his suffering in a way.
Is it the second seinfeld maybe. Maybe not.
Fun chance for all these actors you havent seen in a while to make an appearance.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85