Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 1930 – 1969

Watched every Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies passively while doing other chores and homework.
Was fun to have on the TV.
Classic what can I say.
Of course some oif it didnt age so well, it should have a disclaimer but I dont think it should be cancelled or censored.
Obviously dont want fun at someone elses expense. And, in the same hand times were different.
Its classic animation. I remember being a kid and watching all the episodes.
Was on TV forever.
Good times i love the Looney tunes cast and gags.
Funny to see Pepe Le Pew. Interesting character, its a poke at french stereotype so I get a kick outta it.
Of course I dont condoine the overly agressive women chasing or cat calls spanking butts and shit from the day, but otherwise its a funny joke, always starts with the cat being transformed into a skunk. And, skunks are pretty funny. I enjoy the fairy tales too, villains and heroes. Theres alot of race and prejudice, stereotypes. But theres also good and bad. Also the grimey alley scenes, and just doing anything to get a meal. You dont really see that nowadays. I mean to add a little more to the Pepe Le pew, it was ’45 its a light poke at european french from USA, and its pretty innocent. I mean Im looking at Duke Nukem 3d and thats quite a few tones more hardcore than Looney Tunes. Is anyone that was a kid really offended by that at the time. I dont know. All i know is I enjoyed watching it again takes me back to some nostalgia and some kid fun and silly jokes.
Definitely some African American portrayal, Native american, others thats a little offensive by todays standard. Similar to the Stooges I would say. Just a sign of the times I suppose. Putting it in perspective the MLK assassination was ’68 so. When I watched the creators animators and voice actors, all they looked like they were trying to do was entertain kids. Yeah and seeing back in the day and Disney, its nearly the same thing. Some offensive some mostly entertainment. WB and Space Jam 2, all the new Disneys. Its not like Roger Rabbit, like the golden age of the mix of the 2. Gritty cartoons that were semi violent but also cool. Alot of that shit lacks the cool factor nowadays.
I guess it goes on past ’69 definitely reduced in frequency.
Honestly dont know enough about W-B and the franchise to comment further.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85