Various Nostalgia ’93-’97

This Disneyland video.
Wow that takes me back.

What else been doing some math exercises and listening to some 97 mixes. Hearing some No Doubt.
Definitely 93>97 for me.
Just seein what exactly I can remember.
I did lose alot of old memories and souvenirs. Not that I care that much i still have the memories dont need to hang onto every trinket or old school assignment.
Still funny to remember way back then.
I feel like the 90’s 100x better than whatever this crap is now.
Its only 30 some years ago too unreal.
OPnly had a NES and play some SNES with some slow ass dial up internet compared to now 5g with all thje data and content you could download, yet people seemed happier back then.
Just the infinite unlimited instant data gratification hasnt made people happy.
Instead the infinite scroll is just mind numbing.
Neon used to be cool man lol.
Now people and their egos and plastic surgeries and fake gimmick everything.
I guess it was pretty gimmicky in the 90s but it was more like didnt take itself too seriously. Or a joke element to it.
Now its cringe and takes itself serious.
Snes was the ultimate. Aesthetic and the top of the world.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85