Summer movies list

Watched a few recently.

Roger Rabbit again, great movie.

Addams Family , and Values.
Was entertaining to watch, back to the 90s.
Joan Cusack was great in Values.
Love both these movies.

Watched Tora Tora Tora first time, that was really good. Non fiction. Would watch that one again, lots of planes and boat battles.
Lots of Command decisions back and forth.

Watched Patton first time, that was really good. almost 3 hrs long.
Followed along with some google maps, pretty interesting. Guy was crazy lol, some of thise speeches and rambling ahaha, had me laughing a few times. Good movie though enjoyed that.

Watched a old documentary about the dustbowl, the plow that broke the plains, something about the dustbowl 1936. Learned about John Palliser too and some Canadian aspect of the dustbowl.
Has some old books im interested in reading about his travels and adventures.

Watching the battle of the bulge trying to go through some more of the 70’s ww2 pics

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