Downfall 2004

Watched Downfall 2004. It was on youtube so checked it out.
Ive seen the meme more times than I can count.
Neat that there was some truth to the story.
The bunker puts everyone in malaise.
The visitors come and go.
The womed and suicide rituals is pretty crazy.
The rants and speeches are right out there.
Gotta say the Hitler actor was pretty passionate, all twitchy and pissed off, made for a believable acting experience.
Remember when Indiana has his book signed by Adolf lol.
Anyways movie is pretty morbid. just partying during war and the red army in Berlin.
We all know what happened in the bunker, but to be trapped in there with them as the movie progresses makes for a surreal experience.
Theres a sense of relief when Hitler dies cause the madness can finally end officers and people start making their own choice of suicide or escape.
Main Character Junge by Alexandra Maria Lara was really good too, I guess she got Hired by Francis Ford Cappola in another movie after he saw her act.
Oh this is an international academy award winner, dont watch to many of those on the blog.
When Goebbels dies its much less pagentry than Hitler and Eva.
One line that was kinda frighting is when Goebbels is like oh, its the peoples fault, they gave us the mandate for this, its really cold blooded thing to say, and not sparing the civilians, i guess what cause they didnt fight hard enough. I dunno the city trashed, people sick of the war and the war mongers holding on till last breath.
Another scene with the Goebbels wife and the kids, that was pretty chilling.
One funny scene with the officer, saying only way to die with honor is outside lol.
It was a taboo joke. But also with so much suicide and hopelessness in the bunker it was kinda dark funny.
Im sure theres some truth to the accounts, and also some liberties taken, after all its a movie.
But it did have a purpose and was hard to look away.
It was either Sound of Freedom last night or the Downfall, it was coming up on the recommendations so I gave it a shot.
Not sure what else to say about it, the sets were awesome. Acting top tier.
Costumes and casting seemed really good.
Goebbels was a freaky looking dude lol.
Oh yea and Hitler says something creepy too about how Western will fall to the east cause they are too decadent.
I wonder if he actually said the likes, its a creepy thing to hear although I dont totally agree.
Maybe the politicians surely, but cold war, Ukraine and actual history might suggest otherwise.
Just thought Id point it out.
Goebbels wife; oh theres no point in living in a world without nation socialism. what a odd thing to say and to die over that belief, is a little like those opposed to emancipation.
But also in that case in a way its true their individual life style cannot continue without the power or the slaves in the other example.
Its cool its a free movie pretty much everywhere.
Between all is quiet eastern front and this film, a few film from German perspective.
Ive watched several assorted ww2 films lately too, and sisu and 60’s 70’s Pacific West and East.

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