The Longest Day ’62

Watched this movie first time.
I thought it was pretty good for a John Wayne war flick.
Lots going on within that day span and lots of little stories and tons of characters, huge panoramic shots.
Lots of destruction, some historical footage.
Overall I thought it was entertaining and action packed.
I wondered how they made some of those shots, or I was wondering.
Lots of radio back and forths and commando raids, Some resistance, some British and Canadian, multiple stories going on at once, it could have had a part two.
Its funny they remade the 101st story with band of brothers, but never heard much about the 82nd.
Anyways I guess Eisenhower didnt like it which i guess is pretty common for generals/troops seeing movies of themselves featuring John Wayne.
But yeh for me it was a neat Dday movie in black and white.
I thought the commando raid at the casino was probably one of the craziest scenes and also the Omaha beach.
I would watch that again forsure.
Probably one of the better ww2 movies I seen recently on the list.
I guess if I had to choose the HBO band of brothers is still probably the best.
Patton was pretty good too.
Gotta love these 3 hr movies just get into it.
All these stars from days long ago.
I guess this might be my second Henry Fonda movie.
I dont really recognize anyone else, I mean some faces are familiar but I couldnt say much about em.
The American gambler was a fun character, the German at the beach getting attacked was pretty funny.
The german general with the cane and the war games, was just ironically thinking of his war game plan as general that Normandy was too obvious.
The Omaha beach general was memorable.
I guess John Wayne anyone would recognize him hes been in so many movies, I thought he was ok little bit cavalier but didnt really bother me, its kinda to be expected, actually his character breaks his leg in the jump so that was kinda unexpected, just to be wheeled around an ammo card barking orders at everyone lol. Classic.
Yup I feel like I shouldnt like it cause Eisenhower walked out, lol. Im sure hed forgive me that I had an ok time with the flick. Ill make sure to read some innacuracies, but really no way to experience Dday not like id want to be there anyways. Hopefully their sacrifice isnt squandered away by the rich elite class. I think thats the thing about the world wars, imperialism in general. Its like they send the best to fight and die, those that come back broken, those that never sacrificed anything left to run the country into shambles and self service, with no sense of urgency or care in the world sending people to their death. So i guess thats a negative thing I could say. Falls true for most conflicts ive seen. Anyways interesting to see the film techniques and the mass production for me. I guess its based on a book based on the event so. Theres so many stories to tell must be difficult to organize the story telling aspect. In the sesne that theres so much going on at once, and what dialogue or action or method to tell the story. Its vintage in a way of passing papers like that, passing a paper to a guy on 10 phones, I find that way before my time.

Oh wow so I did recognize Sean Connery.
Im thinking this was made in like the 50s but its 62, still I wasnt sure if that was him he looked so young and slightly different than bond films but sure enough hes in this.
Making jokes with the beachmaster and his dog lol. Wow 11th movie. Rest in Power 2020. I liked him as James Bond hes probably my fave Bond. Of course those movies are just maybe would be difficult to show some audiences of the present. And, you know why.

Wow some of the French actors variety of character types, the woman resitance was very beautiful in the film. Looks like a 60s model lol. I also liked the scene when the attack starts that old man just going wild, remind me of LT Dan in Forrest gump just screaming and laughing in the window, while shit blows up all in his vicinity.
Also the nuns couldnt be bothered either .
Some of the parachute landing scene were a little humorous the dude in the well, and you hear a splash sound, in reality that would suck! But in the movie land, it was kind of a funny sploosh. Another guy lands in the chicken coop and it looked like someone just off scene was throwing chickens at him.
Anyways its cool can make a movie with all sorts of cast and languages, hey a movie abouyt war is better than war right, all those people getting together jobs and snacks and acting. All sorts of writers. Hmm Most expensive Black and White movie until Schindlers list. Not sure ill be watching that again soon, but maybe.
This film definitely an epic aswell as a war pic. Won a couple Academy Awards.

Author: clayton

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