Neon Kong or Godzilla vs King Kong 2021

This movie freakin rocks.
probably best latest movie, just non stop action keeps on giving, its really made for the fans.
Its like a DJ’s DJ party, its like excessive effects and gross plot holes just to keep the action going, and they arent holdy at all .
Action water scenes, ice scenes, underwater scenes, fine explosions the whole package, when I saw whole package I mean it. Just Insanity in a movies, its surprising it even has a plot when it just delivers non stop action.
At one point im like why are the avengers or some shit here, lol just incorperating everthing they can even if it doesnt make sense.
The magic axe, the phrase magic axe has become a bit of a joke in the movies, but whatever, since the movie cant end without the magic axe bring it on.
I especially like the sign language and how the little girl is the one directing Kong, its like yeh hes a brute crazey monkey but hes got a heart of gold too.
Godzilla all lizard like and effective. with the tail that can do some good damage. that electric breath too is no joke, but just wait till Kong gets his magic axe and kablamo the whole picture erupts in a frenzy.
Frist time I watched this I was like no way theyre gonna give us mecha godzilla too lol, but yea! they brought it in after the 3rd fake movie ending!!
As a fan your just like wtf is happening!!! Mecha godzilla fight and trash the whole city. fuck yea
Its cool how despite their differences the true warrios godzilla and kong team up to smash the mecha, cause thats the real enemy.
The hacking side jokes are just hilarious too.
Very briefly you question why kong isnt on screen but its just for some light plot details, that are fun and funny, and eally your just waiting for kong and zilla to clash in the epic battle trashing the city lol 4 years old but it feels like yesterday just really awesome.
Anyways havent had so much fun on a blog post for a minute, just like kong this, kong that lol. Its really movie magic and fun for the whole family.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85