Asteroid City 2023

Brand new Wes Anderson movie.
Movie was good its all over the place, I like the formality structure of the sets. The animation mixed with reality.
I like the actors. The characters, the costumes and sets. I like thew black and white switched with colors, and the color palette.
The one thing I wasnt super fan of was the dialogue and delivery. Felt like some excessive overkill writing.
It was overkill on how they said it, I just thought it was a little cheesy.
I guess it is more of a theatrical play. I just feel it tries to be more witty than it is.
Scarlett Johanson kills it shes probably the best. Tom Hanks was pretty good to.
The Photographer was aight too Jason Schwartzman.
Otherwise the movie was interesting all located on the one set mostly.
The acts was cool, yeh like I said the script was good in a way and other ways I found it pompous and annoying sort of.
Not annoying but pompous forsure. Writing with filler.
I can appreciate laying down the scene and all.
Anyways no point complaining I havent created anything so grand.
Just my opinions thats count for diddly squat.
Yea Scarlett total babe playing the role of the disturbed actor lol.
I liked the back scene too seeing how it was a play written by Ed Norton he kisses the main actor , meant to be taboo what I dont know.
Shock value maybe.
Does rank as high as French Dispatch I dont think.
That one was definelty up there for me.
I was surprised when they showed the alien scene that was kinda cool.
Well and Alien in live action too, not clay figure or whatever.
It was fun to watch, has some negative reviews on google lol.
Definetly is a movie unlike others so its creative, its got the interesting play showbiz style.
The last scene with the New york backdrop was fun.
Although again the dialogue was off putting slightly.
The google reviews are funy just taking a look right now.
Id review this movie as good/great worth watching.
Wasnt provocative or profound or anything but was enjoyable to watch aesthetic.
Might revisit in a few years.
They never did mention about the cop chase going through the town the writer director point obviously left to be a loose plot end.
Was cool to see Steve Careell, didnt care much for the Bryan Cranston narrator role, especially he was in the wrong scene and tried to break 4th wall like that i didnt care much for that lol.
Matt Dillon always stoked to see him in a film, light part but strong presence. Jeff Goldblum is the Alien thats a neat easter egg.
Yeh Can say my favorite mini scenes were Augie and Midge.
The back and forth between the Dark room which would never work like that not with that little curtain I dont think.
And, the Bath tub and dressing acting green room.
The fact they reference a nude scene with an extra model that was slightly funny.
Anyways atleast it wasnt 3 hours ?
Scarlett the worlds highest paid actress actor. That reminds me I left once upon a time in Hollywood oops, where In the Tarantino script hes like their actors lol. (not actresses) that phrase always stuck with me.
Any film shes in Ill always be interested in checking out.
Oh the playright and stars are lovers, I couldnt tell i thought it was just meant to include the kiss in the film at a strange time lol.
I guess he does bring him icecream which is rando, so they had me fooled with the midge and Auguie, but I guess it is a play within a play.

Author: clayton

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