The Gumball Rally ’76

200th blog post.
Mini achievement.
Yeh its mostly all movies but sometimes I get inspired to write about other things so its a nice little outlet.
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No one reads my ramblings anyways its really just for me so thats cool too.

The Gumball Rally 1976 came up on my recommend a while back, Im familiar with the actual race from my era, but not the ‘original?’ movie?
Anyways what a fun movie.
The one actor that stands out right away is Gary Busey. Lol remember ‘Under Siege’ what a great flick.
Hes a stuntman, just wild behind the wheel.
I like the British chaps too, the two main cars, the Ferrari and the Candy CEO car.
The Italian and USA rivalry is fun.
The two ladies driving the Porshe.
The crazy hungarian on the bike that doesnt quit.
The 2 fake cops.
The one white Corvette that crashes in the beginning, the other 2 fellows in the red car cant get the car started.
The real cops and the main guy forget his name already theyre in a race of their own.
The mechanic and the actress in the rolls royce get into their own little mayhem.
It think my facve scenes are the race through the LA aqueduct. The New York Scenes forsure.
The rolls royce crash scenes, the denouement.

Just a fun movie to watch didnt take itself too seriously but the cars are stars of their own.
No super familiar with 70s actors, but it was pretty wild.
Ok Raul Julia I knew that was him, hes Gomez in the 91 – 93 addams family. Suave Ladies man, no doubt they picked him.
Good actor the water pistol scene was pretty on point.
Not catalytic converter missed that rule.
Fave car is obviously the AC cobra. Also like the Mercedes.
Haha the Jaguar was failed to start.
Theres all sorts of american car clichees in this film.
Sadly cant say I recognize any other actors in this, although did enjoy more than the 3 star reviews.
Cant believ rotten rates it 33% thats ridiculous.
its 60+ to me.
Oh thats from ‘critics’ should have knows.
65% from real reviewer 2500+ cant argue with that score.

I cant believe these back handed reviews, “..Rally is for people who like stupid movies.”
No its for people who like entertainment, I dont need no fake drama, and created provocative films for entertainment. Its like what a film gotta show me some senseless violence and tragedy to be entertained I dont think so. Its listed as a comedy I got a few good laughs.
Ah this review is from 76 thats hilarious.
Yes I do like seeing cars crashing and racing. FFWD to present time, look how successfull Fast and furious is, and I prefered this gumball rally to that.
Heres my critique of the critics. You stink how you like that.
Paragraph phrases, some dont even write a sentence. Just the laziest writing Ive ever seen, and these people get published ! wow.
broken links from “Top critics.”
Arguably the best critic writing pieces found in newspapers fro the year of release.
I swear the more I read critics the more shabby of writers I think they are! Richard Eder is dead rip, he had the funniest review.
I dont get it when film critics insult the audience, like oh youll be a fool if you see this movie, fraid not friend. Steve Warren you know alot of these people arent around.
Roger Ebert probably the best of the list.
Actually wrote something.
Noting these for my own records.
Matt Brunson 2.5/5 paragraph mocks the audience
Dorothy Woodend 2.5/5 paragraph, linked with several other flicks. Boring
Variety Staff 0.4/5 No name, broken link, barely a sentence, poor grammar.
Jake Euker 0/5 No sentence, no link
Jeffrey Westoff 0/5 No sentence no link
Emanuel Levy 0/5 No sentence no link.
Richard Eder 3/5 decent review mocks the audience
Roger Ebert 4/5 page review, honest, though full.
Yeh Im sorry tomato approved, more like total ass.
Top critics what a joke.
3/10 woulda been enough.
already 75% audience reviews more personal and more effort.
Bottom line prognosis, tomato approve = garbage.
Audience = thought full effort reviews.

Anyways for what i was I enjoyed the movie alot more than what the critics give it.
Thats why I only ever read reviews after Ive seen the film myself.
Dont want their tainted opinion to ruin a perfectly good film for me.

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