Failed Cabinet Departures Prompts Cringe Awards Acceptance Speeches No One Asked For.

Lol in some other humorous to me events, the latest cabinet shakeup, many ministers getting demoted, some promoted, promoted for epic failures, dont ask me why.
Prompting the most cringe “Awards Acceptance Speeches” no one wants to hear.
Just go look for yourself if you cant take my word for it.

“Id like to thank my cat, my friend on Facebook I havent talked to since summer camp. Id like to thank my neighbors ex wifes mother in law’s cousin.”
“Thank me for my service.”

More like get the fuck off the stage you nitwit abomination.
Thanks for siphoning the tax payer, with absolutely nothing to show for it.
In what world does one gloat for lying failure incompetence and so on.
Guaranteed Im boycotting any business that takes any of these doofuses on as their own.
Not cause it will make a difference, because I have morals and it would be so damaging to my conscious to listen to any goofy endorsements or associate with any hypothetical products.
Its like the Catherine Mkenna on twitter. Ultimate troll, its like your done get off the stage, witnessing that epic failure I think It would be damaging to my brain to listen to you any longer.
Especially now out of government, its my license to put my hand up and say; I dont subcribe to your incoherent bable and no longer have to listen to it.
As a citizen, yes Im concnered with the operations of parliament and cabinet, ill tolerate the stupidity to make informed choices based on evidence.
But now get off the stage, I truly dont care anymore, let the next under the bus be humiliated.

Anyways these people that take failure as a chance to accept some magical award at some ceremony thats not even a hypothetical, Its a complete farce!
Im taking this opportunity to mock it on the blog.
After 2 days of acceptance speeches enough is enough.
In the theme of Larry David someone needs to plays these fools the Oscar speech ending music.
See i can be nice, besides its my opinion.
And, thats all im gonna say about that.
Call me when you done something non selfish for the country.
Just another cockroach scab gone with the wind. A parasite if you will.
If I had nothing better to do and hated my life a video compilation with the music and cringe could be pretty funny.
But I dont care enough, no more than to write this 400 words to satistfy my mocking sadist humor.
Like a bad review for real life events.

Author: clayton

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