Spiderverse 2 2023 Across the spiderverse

Awesome movie.
I have a few complaints but all in all the movie is epic.
Its a little emo and whiny little teenage angst but as a Spiderman fan didnt bother me too much.
Actually seems way better than the live action ones in my opinion, cept the No way home.
That was good.
The animated is closer to home for me.
Love the Miles Morales, love the Gwen, Love the Peter Parker.
Some of the other characters didnt care for much.
The parents is a stretch from Aunt May. I guess its for added effect.
The multiverse is ok part of the story I guess, it leaves room for improvisation.
Still its a little off to me.
The cell phone in battle was cheesy. The protagonist struggles between, himself his friends, his family, the antagonist, is it really just Spot.
Well it makes for some wild story telling.
Miles Grows does he take a back seat in his own movie, maybe.
But its a movie about all the Spidermans so also not.
Also heavy focus on the mentor aspect, not sure Im a fan of that.
I just want spiderman to kick some butt, and when he gets stuck his friends and society help him out.
Gone is the news and J Jonah Jameson.
I guess its just a entirely new story.
But with all that sligjtly negative being said , I liked it.
Sony movies kick ass.
Animation was the best.
Voiceovers were the best, mini jokes, meh was ok.
Some parts were more epic than others.
Definitely on my top 3 movies this year.
See i like retro vintage things, so its cool they using some retor source material.
I dunno and Miles Morales makes a good spiderman.
Then its like a little back to the future where Biff is the Casino guy in backwards world.
Left it open for a cool finale though thats forsure.
O h I see its a IA exchange for 007 and spiderman, well im glad they did it Columbia continues to rule, and Sony makes awesome movies.
I gotta say 100x better than past spiderman films, I just wasnt a fan.

Not sure I reviewed the Into Spiderverse 2018 on the blog. Gonna have to rewatch that.
Although I doubt it could be better than this one.
Part 2.

Didnt even see the flag, was too busy being entertained.
But thats hilarious it got banned in several countries for that.
I just wonder now with multiverse etc, why its so hard to write up some new characters and just recycle characters from 100 years, yea Im happy multiverse is here but I think there is some creativity lacking in these writing departments.
Just gonna perpetually rinse Stan Lee, JRR Tolkein, Lucas.. etc.
Theres already so much spiderman, and half of it aint even done right.
But, this film and the last 2 have been ok by me.
My theory with the endless potential push, is it becomes really about the endless money and not about the fans. Just sayin.
It is a good story to expand, but I fear it will becomes like some of the MCU just abject failures and ruin the franchise.
Like a oversaturated pong console market if you will.

Author: clayton

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