TMNT 2023

Watched a bit of this and the turtles are stealing toilet paper, since when lol.
and they just trashed the franchise and nostalgia.
Lots of dope cameos but overall not stoked.
Just another modern movie trashed , on the surface and animation is cool.
Nah not even comparible, they did spiderman good they did the turtles nasty.
On paper it looks nice, but not for me I guess.
Which is fine supposed to be a kids movie right not made for 40 year olds.
Im just they should be faithful to their older fans too?
If that makes sense.
I dont have kids of my own so thats probably my gripe.
Im still a kid myself.
I dunno if your just gonna rinse a sequel.. The only thing I can compare it to was Spiderman spiderverse 2, alot more challenging themese and characters.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85