Sopranos ’99

Might as well start a Sopranos thread.
First HBO is probably the best network.
This show is traumatic to no extent.
So many characters that go through so much.
James Gandolfini is the star of the show.
Hes always freaking out and violent.
He was in another show. Well hes in True Romance, but I remember a show where he was kind of a bitch and it was weird seeing him in that role after Tony Soprano.
Well the show made my mom cry, hes always beating everyone up.
Makes you learn about Jersey, the whole show is a trip.
So RIP James Gandolfini one of the best actors of my time.
Watching this show gives me super trauma at the same time you cant look away.
The psychologist relations especially makes it a interesting watch.
It brought on a whole new style with analyze this.

The soundtrack is incredible.
Its just a great tarantino esque piece.

Whats also interesting to me is the cross time between show and 9/11
Its almost as you can see the actors reactions to the real life events.

Also found it interesting to have the last scene between tony and his momn after the actor passed, well they were able to have one last CGI scene between the 2 characters.
The kids are alright, I especially liek the Chris Moltesanti timeline.Thats a character you wanted to know more about.
When I was younger this is the DVD series you had to have.

Watching it again is Nostalgic, traumatic, TV legendary.
Its a dope show when you start you cant stop.

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