Rant about telecoms, and Home Phone voicemail technology

The blog is the perfect place for this since no one I know gives 2 shits about hearing me rant about telecoms.
You got the monopoly here, but they keep the purchased company name, what a sneaky move.
Oh you think its its own company but nah, its the conglomerate.
I swear this conglomerate ion particular is about as well liked as my bank.
Too busy sponsoring dumb shit and forgets to do the banking. Same with the telecoms too busy putting their names on arenas and dumb commercials to do the telecoms portion of the job.

My latest gripe is the landline voicemail technology.
One part improved you can download the .mp3 message and put it on a record or whatever, i mean how did they do it with tapes!?
Otherwise I think i would prefer the rotary phone.
Ok having a rotary phone is impossible nowadays because 75%-80% of calls are spam BS so could you imagine that bell going off constantly, people have no manners anymore.
Back not even 20-30 years ago it wasnt nearly as bad.

Then to have a analog voicemail how awesome would that be.
I tried to check voicemails through the stupid site.
Cant even rewind, took me two verification codes.
Ooooh new browser or changes made to the account, what did a spammer pay my bill lol.
Uhhh and no same browser.

Complete losers the pass on all the responsibility top the user with a phone or email code, and just leave the infrastructure to rot.
And, if there was a security concern im sure a verification code is really gonna stop em.

Just a trashed compromised telecoms its like what do you expect, and even with the astronomical bills we pay, does it ever get any better; NOPE!
Nope goes all to branding the ridiculous displays ive seen. “Proudly sponsored by….” Well that makes me sick.
And, the only Canadian baseball team, just shit plastered advertisements behind the plate lol.
Its ugly-looking to be frank lol.
Its not even team colors.
Thats what im paying banking fees for right.

And just the fact the telecom owners, let the network get so trampled on with its users getting scammed non stop.
And try to make me believe its been that way forever, nah you ruined it you greedy swine.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85