The Shining ’80

Hands down one of the creepiest movies ever.
Not watching on Cable TV science channel, watching full uncut. Gore, swears, paranormal.

Love this movie cant look away.,
Shelley Duvall Jack Nicholson, just typing this raises the hairs on my back and arms.
Famous helicopter scene.
Cranking this bitch up.
Probably wont comment too much, just a placeholder that im watching this classic horror flick for late September.

This is one of the best scary movies ever.
Its not even that scary the cabin fever and buildups to absolute terror.
Its almost like a John Carpenter, but just a little different and more subtle.
Yet moments of terror.

Yeh its been 10 years maybe movie still chills the bone lol.
Good shit.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85