Go back to your country; Can’t understand you. Clayton Bigsby rant.

Everyone bitching about petty squabbles, like I give a fuck.

Its time I made a rant about the outside war perpetuating my country.

This is the time Clayton Bigsby was right.
“Go back to your country Can’t understand you.”
Everyone complaining about who blew up the hospital when its clear facts, now why the fuck are you in my country?

You think I give a fuck about whos killing the most children in the middle east , I guarantee you I dont give a fuck.
But, when it comes to protest and debauchery on my own soil, who motherfuckers dont have the time in.

Want everyone to disrespect your ideals, keep up as is.
I guarantee no one gives a fuck.

I like lots of Muslim things and also I like the 3 stooges and Larry David.
Just acting like a bunch of inbreds on the world stage.

Not like the government any better, blocking prayer on the remembrance day, but praying for palestine upon the streets and blocking traffic.
Nah if you didnt swear the allegiance, you are a false Canadian citizen.

Like it blows my mind, how killing is the first allegiance.
I reject your religion I reject your corruption, and all go get blasted in the middle east for all I care.
Just keep it the hell away from my country.

As for my personal experience, Jews I met were always creative welcoming.
Never met a Palestinian that wasnt obsessed with old war beef.
Yeah so the British sequestered your land and gave it to the Jews, guess what I dont give a fuck.

Again, keep that shit as far away from me as possible,
You think your stupid cause of murdering ravers is more important than mine, fking blow it out your ass you heathens.
If I have to hear or see this shit on my TV I might just lose it.

you see no one cares, go slaughter yourself in the desert thats just the intended ideal.

Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

As the great Joey B Toonz says, make art not genocide.

___ No thats exactly it im not picking a side, nevertheless how desperate ‘they’ want me to.
My side, is get the fuck outta my face!, Before I make you see what its like.
And, that goes for all this bullshit. When the blame should lie at very precise specific locations, Im not having it.
And you know its repeated history.


Holy fuck the barbaric shit i see online, seriously go genocide each other no one cares.
Mememe no compassion the worst is these campaigns to get someones favor. Ill tell you what i see bunch a disgusting savages that dont deserve this earth.
Put on a good show cause the doctors are mocking you.
its a necro rap that rings true, nah i dont care just such a loss of life, I dont even kill bugs or pests that hard.

Not only that this external shit is affecting my countries politics at the House of Commons where we already have a inept parliament.
What has happened since summer break, just distractions galore. Its so easy to see through.
Simply put; I dont care whats happening outside Canada I want my democratic representation doing things for Canada.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85