Big Trouble in Little China ’86

This is the best movie ever.
I love the mid 80s San Francisco aesthetic, how its always rainy or foggy.
Watched this on youtube.
Have you paid your dues Jack !?

Yeh Jacks side kick is awesome and pretty much as funny as Jack. Kin Catrell is in this too.
After her successful career i wonder if she regrets this film probably not its hilarious and well loved by all.
Mcaulay Culkin they reviewed this on Cinnemassacre.
I probably have reviewed this already but it appeared in my feed so couldnt say no.

I picked up a few more movies,
Crocodile Dundee, Hateful Eight
TMNT original.
Treasure Island
Apocalypse now
Strike up the band.

Got a good list of films from Sopranos been working on

Anyways Big Trouble in Little China has those Star Wars like effects and the floating face thing.
Its all quite fun.
I wouldnt even say its silly, it takes it self not too seriously.

Just love the character Jack Burton him and his truck and that CB radio lol ranting on, its great.
He makes being a trucker cool lol.
Cause the adventure, anyways its all quite funny.

Its better than Golden Child but I like em both for different reasons.
Its the design company that did effects for Ghostbusters, not star wars, although im sure they used a few similar techniques.
Best award for music.

Another John Carpenter movie hit.

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