Columbia short – Get along little zombie ’46

First time seeing this its so ridiculous and funny.
Found from a search about Dudley Dickerson. He was in the Stooges but also these other shorts.
Im already a huge Christine Mcintyre fan, and with Hugh its just a comedic masterpiece.
Only has 3 star rating but in my opinion its much funnier than that.
The plot, is doofus Hugh is a real estate, kisses the wrong wife, to a house hes supposed to sell to them, dodges Hugh with Dudley, they both drive over to the house, where the caretakers are trying to kill them, Hugh shows with his wife (Christine) then all chaos ensues. I dont know i love cinema and theatre like this, its very slapstick but it sets up the jokes better than Simpsons.

And im just a recent new fan of Dudley so to see him on film makes my heart warm, hes got a great scream and a commanding stage presence, Im glad Columbia used this actor cause hes super hilarious. I know theres servant themes etc as opposed to main character leads, but for his parts, and despite knowing all this, Im happy to be a fan of Dudley Dickerson and im happy to have him live on my blog and on my TV. Especially Halloween.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85