Superman Animated ’41

Cool 17 serial animated Superman, never heard about until tonight.
Love finding these old classics.
Nominated for Academy Award 1942.

1) MAd Scientist.
Intro to Superman.
Cool animation with details and orchestra.
Nice lighting details.
The Scientist has a bird sidekick.
Very much inspiration for the doctor evil Austin Powers, hes wearing the same style smock.
Either way I recognize that jacket.
Thats kinda vintage everyone gathered around the radio.
Superman looks good the clouds, the darkness. Prediciting a radio style TV.
Oh yea Ive seen this scene, he holds up a melting building.
That might be something like the empire state.
Seen this posted on Reddit, the OP is right the animation is great. Punching the laser, its a little like an advanced Flash Gordon. And, a vintage Heavy Metal. So many frames and many things happening at once. Its quality for 1941 forsure. Awesome that was fun to watch. only 10 mins or so per serial.

Watched the whole serial now
wow I remember alot of that as a kid Its an amazing animation
I have more to say, ill have to watch it again.
It happened so fast , and the distant memories from childhood

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85