Films logged late 2023 and early 2024

First post of the new year, been slacking on the blog but im back.
Trying to get this Sony 100 for 100$ film package. But, alas unavailable in Canada.
So what a bunmmer, get me all excited for nothing.
Atleast the Stooges doing a film festival on youtube free. Thats really the best part.
Well cant say I didnt try to own these movies.

Had a change to watch some Cable TCM.
Seen some good ones

Giant 1956
James Dean and Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor.
Fun movie about cattle and oil.

Weird comedy about 2 guys trying to get in a hospital or something they had the blackfaced baby, cant remember the name but it was alot like a stooges, or Abbott and Costello bit.
Cant remember name.
Weird film though.
Was shown on TCM, didnt recognize any of the actors.

Where Eagles Dare 1968
That was a good film action packed and stunts, and cool scenery and sets.
Another Clint Eastwood ww2 action drama, fiction.

Ben-Hur 1959
Just the craziest Horse Racing scene.
Dont see that everyday.
TCM was saying how they did everything in their power to protect horses.
I guess maybe like a pre modern rodeo in a way.
Horses in film and rodeo both un-popular with some people.
Film, nothing I can do about 1959 cept enjoy the movie. Seen it free not like im making paychecks. Actually my first time seeing this film.
Rodeo, is a showcase of way of life, turned sport.
Goes along with ‘Giant’ movie in a small way.

The man who came to dinner 1942
That was a funny movie.
Screwball comedy forsure.
Romance whatever, it was bound to happen, but the scenes that happen in that little house and the joke finisher at the end were funny to me.
The old guy so obnoxious but you love to hate him cause hes ridiculous.

Christmas Carroll 1938
That was a good one first time seeing it.
Its all grimey black and white.
Just neat to see such old classic for the holidays.

3 stooges movie. 2012
I thought it was good.
Larry David as the nun that was funny, other cameos.
Funny to see Jersey Shore and Stooges, its very 2012
I thought it was funny just to watch the first time.
It doesnt have the best ratings but was still novelty and more for me.

Other films
Other film might come to mind that I remember I’ll post em here.

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