Stormy Weather ’43

Best film I seen in a long time.
For Tap dancing and big band.
Pretty sure was a all black cast so that was cool to see after watching a dozen or so similar era pieces.
Im not even super familiar with the musical acts but still really good.
Cab Calloway I think Ive heard.
Just cool sets and music of course, I just enjoyed this one more than the others I seen.

The original shuffle and dance.
I dunno that good entertainment.
Bang for you buck I seen it was on TCM via the schedule and just took a chance on the youtube movies.
Its like a comedy too so not all music but comedy bits set it up for the next scenes. It plays out more like a play.

Not sure what else to say other than I enjoyed it quite a bit.
I was searching for films similar to this, but havent found one that could beat this one so far.
Of course its a journey just watching old era films no one ever talks about anymore. Some hit and miss, I enjoy the vapor-nostalgia.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85