Lost Horizon ’37

Wooo! That was an awesome movie.
Wasnt expecting too much, got a super epic adventure, thriller, mystery, romance, culture.
To think of the world in 1938 pre ww2.
I bet 7 years in Tibet was inspired by this film just a hunch.
Of the greed and powerful war machine, and weathering out the storm in Tibet is a neat story.
Some times were fantastical, but I enjoyed the entire film, learning about the characters and the mystery of what was happening to them since the beginning.
Plane ride.
Mountain scenes.
Setting and sets in the valley.
Really not something you see in movies lately its all green screen, so its extra special.
The house they mostly filmed in or palace, monastery.
The story and culture and the meek shall inherit the earth.
So many metaphors in this movie it would be difficult to name them all, but the bounty and outside vs inside.
Personal greeds and honesty, fruit, and skin, and age.
Love and happiness in nothing and in everything.
Perseverance and willpower, curiosity, and doubt.
Gold bounty but impossible to profit in a way.
Its hard to explain but the story is fantastic, wish I could write a fiction like that.
I havent read the wiki, I literally read the title of the movie, not even the synopsis and just started watching.
In a sense it could be adapted to the current era.
Main character was my favourite.
Would it be vain to say I see alot of myself in this character.
Not everything but certainly alot of growth amongst all the characters.
Something nice about the world pre ww2, that you dont see anymore either.
A romance and peacefulness in a way.
So im not an Asian expert at all.
I know of Shanghai.
Don’t know the airport they were at.
Not sure anything about the period I think it was March 1935.
I know a little of Tibet and the mountain range.
Actually reminds me alot of a Tin Tin adventure in a way.
I particularly liked the horse chase scene.
The waterfall, the mountaineering scenes.
The way the location Shangri-la grows on each character in a particular way.
And, how George could have everything he ever wanted but too blinded by his own self to see it or be aware.
The doubt in Bob for leaving, maybe an ego.
Its a very good story in a few parts.
I just liked the unknown and the little paradise, and the message, and every human finding their own little piece of heaven on earth.
But also a nature peaceful way about it.
Someone industrious could destroy that place almost, but they make it really disconnected from the outside world.
Maybe a little like the Beach im thinking with dicaprio. They find the awesome spot, but gotta keep it hidden, some people go to ruin it etc.
Anyways neat movie, glad they (Sony) restored it.
It was a little weird seeing the cut scenes with photographs and pans- zooms.
For an older movie really held up for me.
85 years old damn.
Ok gonna google and IMDB it.
I would definitely watch that again.
Learnt a funny english phrase slang of sow a few wild oats. Never heard that phrase till this movie Im pretty sure.
Some good acting too. all in all just a nice gem of a movie, never heard about or seen till now.
Not sure how much you can compare a film of today compared to that.
Like I said just reminded me a bit of Tin Tin, 7 years in Tibet maybe, Lawrence in Arabia.
Frank Capra Seen a few of his movies, they all good, didnt know he made em like this though.
I think my age Im the target audience for this.
That definitely wasnt a waste of time, I feel more enriched after watching that.

Ronald Colman
Interesting. Theres a little documentary about him on the youtube, which is where I watched this movie free too btw.
It just reads out the wiki.
Evolved from the silent to sound.
Anyways Awesome actor I really enjoyed that performance.

Ohh novel by Jame Hilton gotta check that out.
Apparently is a lavish musical too 1973 hmm its a Columbia pics aswell.
Just gonna put it in the 70s section so i dont have to jump between the 30s and the 70s.

Peter Finch never heard I dont think. Hes in the ’73 film..
Jane Wyatt, looks familiar huge filmography including Star Trek 4 cool.
Sam Jaffe seems like a interesting person, never really seen films by him
Edward Everett Horton. Good actor same, just unfamiliar to me.
Thomas Mitchell Unfamiliar but been in a few movies I seen. Maybe recognize him next time. Otherwise good acting, I liked his character the failed businessman crook, turned gold, turned philanthropist.
John Howard good character despite being rash and un-calculated.
HB Warner.
Ok So noticing Capra using alot of his same actors.
Isabel Jewell, wow lots of movies and from Wyoming thats kinda cool. Sad to read about her death suicide from OD, she had the first laugh in this movie as a cackling weirdo, but made me laugh.
Margo never seen or heard anything.
No one left alive from this film, I mean 85 years right.
Just a time capsule though.
Happy to have watched it.
The original posters are great though.

Author: clayton

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