The Awful Truth ’37

Okay, think that about wraps up the ’37 from the Columbia movies list.
This one stars Cary Grant, his film wife.
They get divorced for 90 days or something then hilarity ensues.
Cary Grant and his wife are super hilarious together as a cast.
Cary Grant gets all jealous about his wife singing coach and they start feuding, starts the divorce.
She moves in with her aunt, and this rich dude from Oklahoma is living next door, so anyways they start seeing other people.
And, the whole show they are embarrassing each others dates.
Originally, they are sort of high class, with dinner parties from the period.
The Oklahoma guy is more rough around the edges.
Cary then is dating some a club singer, that does the original Marilyn Monroe wind up the dress and actually shows her undergarment, well Cary all embarrassed his ex wife thinks its funny.
So the movie goes on they share each others embarrassing moments, completely turning off their dates.
Eventually they see they are meant for each other and cancel the divorce in the end, but they are both so stubborn, unwilling to admit anything truthful at all.
The dance scene is epic, really liked that . Kinda felt bad for the Oklahoma rich dude, but Carys wife is mortified having to dance.
Anyways the whole movie is charming.

Reminds me alot of the stooges of the era, except stooges completely poor, these people high society, but not snobs exactly but, very fancy parties.
The sets are incredible.
Furniture and wallpaper and mansions decor, very cool.
Even the cabin is very oldschool.
Its a innocent charming movie. Cary Grant has a amazing performance, but I mean equally is his wife. I dont know her name yet cause I havent googled it, but shes beautiful and funny.
She pretends to be drunk and causes mayhem at Cary’s new dates house, meeting her parents. She answered his phone earlier so the date was like why is a woman answering, so Cary’s wife pretends to be the sister, and in turn mortifies Cary. Its all pretty funny.
Wouldnt typically watch a film listed as a ‘romantic comedy,’ but Im glad I watched this film. Yea Cary Grant, legendary.
The wife, always had these epic dresses and hats on. So yea people really dressed nice back in the day. Just wild outfits.
The theme is just chasing romance, and tad jealousy mistrust, but also love.
The police chase was pretty funny, I wonder the cops being so strict back then, and also in the Stooges. Stooges always getting chased and getting beaten up by cops in the street walking around.
Here, they gat mad cause the radio was too loud.
Eventually she trashes her car so they get stuck at the cabin together where romance ensues. As audience its happy moment when they get back together after all the farces theyve been through.
So it makes me think of the period and how many people watched this movie back in the day.
Or if the Stooges met Cary Grant or seen this movie themselves.
And, vice versa.
Ok not much else to say, watched it on youtube and the audio was completely off, but the subtitles could still watch it.
That makes 2 movies from 37 that the records still arent perfect. I would buy this movie because it was hard to find otherwise.
And, still watched it for free.
The internet is a good resource for preserving old film like this.
Its amazing, 87 years old and parts of film are missing, I guess just 30 years after just sitting in a warehouse it gets lost, or damaged or who knows.
So glad I watched this little piece of history, most of the comedy still stood up. Its not like the stooges its more, embarassing awkward comedy, but Cary Grant sure gets in a couple pickles and you cant help but laugh at him, hes a good sport. The lead cast was really above par. So I enjoyed that. Ok onto the next one. Good bye 1937 for now.

Ok googling the film to learn more.
Irene Dunn is the wifes name. Wonderful actor, I really liked her.
Box office hit, based off a play, so Im sure the Stooges seen it.
First Cary Grant Columbia film.
Joyce Compton she was really good too, with the wind up the gown.
And, that thick accent was hard to understand lol.
I liked it though.
That club they were at was pretty fancy. Probably some big studio at Columbia, They had a balloon fountain display.
Everything was so Art Deco. That style still lives on and probably make a big comeback too.

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