Been watching every Flintstones episode, gotta say its been a fun experience.
This show is great nostalgia, even for a period I wasnt around for.
Fred is the asshole he has his moments, Barney is the loyal friend. Freds always stealing his ideas or trying to swindle him for a couple bucks or a deal, or trying to make him look bad.
In turn Wilma, Betty, and Barney all make fun of Fred constantly.
Fred always getting the gang into crazy activities.
And, just playing tricks.
Hot temper.
Anwyays the show is pretty funny all the characters are lovable.
Even Fred the grouch is happy sometimes.
Its the modern nuclear family. I think Simspons took alot from this show, or its the same show, but 30 years later.
The art and animation is great still stands up after all these years.
A little post war racism with the Asian Judo teacher, the cowboys and indians gag.
Otherwise for a G rated show its great.
I just realized Mel Blanc was the voice for Dino. Dino and Barney..Thats fun.
Im sure Looney Tunes and Flintstones were competing.
This show ran on re-runs forever even as a kid I remember seeing it on cable TV constantly.
Fred and Barney know it all attitudes and getting into hairy situations are my favourite, but the wives are pretty funny too.
Its very old fashioned in a sense now with the wives preparing dinner and cleaning the house. Wilma wheres my dinner Fred screams.
You dont see much of that nowadays.
In the later seasons, celebrities make cameos, like bewitched and other references not totally familiar.
The Intro and outro is especially memorable, the lounge music and the yabadabadoo, getting off work.
Bedrock seems like a nice place, the suburbs, they have all sorts of rock type and animal type technologies.
Its a feel good show, glad I took the time to re-watch all these.
Some good writing and fun adventures.
I especially like the art work style its very basic, but its well done and nice scenery.
I think everyone can relate to this show especially if you are familiar with nuclear family or suburbs.
Watching TV and film in general.
Just seeing a episode makes me smile.
Got em all for free on tubi tv.
But something worth having in the collection.
Timeless show.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85