You Can’t Take It With You ’38

Another Frank Capra movie from the Columbia pictures movie list.
Bought this one on youtube, so I own it forever, forever digitally I suppose.
Lifetime ownership I guess.
Not like DVD would last an eternity neither scratches.
With the internet it lives on.

Anyways walked into this movie with no expectation, however with a title as such you’d get the idea of a certain theme.
Feel like I already talked alot about this movie before the blog, so I fear i’d be repeating myself.

Anyways I’m new to the Frank Capra movies but he makes good films.
Wonderful life, Lost Horizon, and now ‘You Can’t Take it With You.’
Just wonderful themes like actually being happy, the important things in life, not being embarrassed, not being bothered by trivial things, appreciating the moment, dancing, and being happy in general. Vs. the un- important things, of business over family, social status, missed opportunities, real opportunities, and following you heart.
Family and not letting the material things blind you.
Kindness for Mr Kirby.

Anyways it was a great movie, glad I watched it.
Great ending great story. Funny, drama, romance, dance, music.
I liked the big apple dance, and the young romance.
The awkwardness between James Steward family prejudices and grandpa’s eclectic family.
They were all a happy bunch, and having nice friend, vs being a cold old soulless person for money Its a big contrast.
The house scenes were great, the not selling the house premise.
The early dinner, felt so awkward for them.
Then the conflict might lead into the court house, the rising action with the introspective Mr Kirby has and losing his son, the climax, and I feel like this film or play does a good job at making you remember certain things like the dance and the harmonica, and the grandpa speech.
The going down the elevator to be happy.
Yeh I liked the court room scene that was pretty funny. The previous dinner scene.
I was wondering what all that character intro was, with the man who makes machines, was to introduce the family, the lilies, Yeh the courtroom scene was the funniest and the judge was exceptionally funny. I dont think ive ever written that sentence before, a funny judge. But that courtroom was chaos.
I was wondering if they just werent going to ever get together, but had to go through the conflict, or James Stewart would quit his job, Ramsey wouldnt come to him like the ghost of christmas past.
Finally selling the house and on the bloick it was sad, you feel for the characters, however the growth in Mr. Kirby was the best. so that was a ncie ending, the harmonica duet was a nice ending.
The dancing sister always looking so jovial. I liked the income tax scene. ‘What do I get for it.’ Seems 75 bucks should be good for taxes lol. What a refreshing scene. Everyone in this new millenia should see this movie, Im sure its a little widely exagerated, but movies and people and politics arent like that anymore. The grandpa in the crutches slightly shabily dressed, with a house that isnt nearly as fancy as Mr Kirby be Grandpa was more rich. Losing his temper like that. I like that sometimes things have to be said, even if you regret it and take it back immediately.
Im not so sure what it is about that, but sometimes people need to hear the harsh truth. I might regret writing that lol, but in the case of this movie it rings true.

All in all I really enjoyed this one, was best movie I seen in a while I would definitely watch that again, and motivated to go through the Frank Capra films, as they all have a feel good quality and I like that in a movie. Plus its from a play, so If I ever have a chance to see in theatre it would very much peak my interests.

Found this cool photo.

From Allison Marchant on the Flikr page
Just a cool photo after I watched the movie, it came up in the creative commons license search.

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