Not as good as Flintstones, lol.
George Jetson would sure have a tough time living in the new millenia lol surprisingly.
Women drivers and other old fashioned remarks.
Its an ok show, I prefer the Flintstones though.
Not very good at working, relationships, lazy and corner cutter.
I think Flintstones has better writing although it is a neat take on the world of the future.
And, some things never change, with the assembly line profits, getting fired and so on.
Ah well take the good with the bad, still glad I watched it but Flintstones jokes were way better, better animation.
Fred more realistic of a character and learns his lessons.
I dont dislike it, but its not the greatest.
To see the characters reactions to the real future or present time now would be interesting.
Neat how they go to the beta ranch to live like old times, some people still live like that today, and its not a bad thing.
Its got some MAD issue 1 vibes, with the flubber people that never stand up and do all their work sitting down till the machine breaks.
Not sure if its issue 1, but first 3 forsure.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85