Mr. Smith Goes to Washington ’39

Following the Frank Capra movieline. Columbia 100 yr curated selection.
First time seeing this, although I have heard quite a bit about it.

I guess I like the idea that anyone naive and honest can get into the USA political system, which plays on Washington, Jefferson, Abe Lincoln and so on, that a bill innocent enough to be a kids camping bill and just a loan from the government can drain the swamp lol.
Sure is refreshing to watch nowadays.

even though im not a member of the US electorate nor a citizen, can still cheer on mr smith and democracy, and that good will prevail.
That man won’t be blinded or swayed by fancy clothes or charming women, when the kids camp is on the line.

So I enjoyed this movie, was entertaining, actually most entertained ive ever been from the US senate.
The hot off the presses, the old character in question.
The naivety of Mr Smith in the beginning then, almost quitting and help from Ms Saunders. I like how they had a small romance at the end and everything came together despite all the odds.

I like how Mr Smith didnt give up event though being slandered by the presses and his fathers friend, and the inspiration from Abe Lincoln was touching. Ive seen a few of the monuments down in Washington, only via a youtube channel but they are pretty amazing. How the boy scout paper competed with the machine and the presses, and had the thugs driving them off the roads, and the big fight against the Taylor machine, which is of course the villain actor from the ‘You cant take it with you.’ Good villain character. And, with all the buckets of telegrams, still didnt give up, rather reached out to his old father friend compasion and threw his own words back at him, where the Senator Paine would rather fess up that go on living lol. So it all comes full circle.

Anyways similar themes to what Ive seen in other Frank Capra films, and similar actors. Ms Saunders was awesome, and she was a good sidekick to the whole thing, she goes from disillusioned to a believer, and she had the background. Funny seeing the president show amiable disposition to Mr Smith too. And nice feeling in the end, it almost killed him but it probably worked out in a way the founding fathers could look down all proud at what they’ve created. i mean this is pre-ww2 I have a feeling things were probably a little more sombre, but it is a fiction romance, etc, so you gotta tell a story, and half the film is developing Mr Smith into a trusty dude you want in Washington to stir things up lol. I enjoyed this movie would 100% watch it again. The ending was abrupt, should have shown the, and they lived happily ever after, yet cant blame him was already 2 hours 10 mins, and the conflict was resolved, you could feel their love from across the gallery and up one balcony. So James Stewart is a pretty awesome actor he sure can get going with his hair all wild. Not sure youd get away with assaulting like 6-7 press members nowadays, but probably feel like it after seeing what they did to him in the papers. So just an important lesson in who controls the presses, and the motives they might have. The internet being a useful tool, its also important to seek the facts beyond the motives or prejudices.
Kind of a helpless feeling to watch MR Smith get slandered and forged upon. Almost get expelled while he was innocent. Lesson its hard but good to fight against corruption in politics. It could come at your own expense, and collapsing on the senate floor, but President Abe Lincoln did it. And hes looking at you young man. Crazy that Abe Lincoln was shot, and the James Wilkes Booth Yelled out the latin death to tyrants. I dont really equate Abe Lincoln as a Tyrant, I read he was a bad ass wrestler, and well maybe if you were from the south, you might think that losing your slaves was a tyrant type action. I dont really know enough about all that to comment further. John Wilkes lol woops so was a stage actor and supported the south. Anyways just curious since the monument is a part of the film. Never seen it before but its in alot of American media.
Ha just learnt thats the building on the USA one cent coin and 5$ note is the Abe Lincoln Memorial. Didnt know that.
Didnt even recognize Jean Arthur, as from You cant take it with you.
Maybe the voice, or hair or something but both very beautiful.
Was good in both films.
So its kinda neat how Capra used some of the same actors, you know some directors of the present day do that aswell too.
Probably never admit this again but I like both, variety and similar faces.
Another one I recognize is Thomas Mitchell, hes the crook on the plane in Lost Horizon.
Another One Harry Carey holy cow filmography. So many titles, This guy was a legend back in the day, even John Wayne paid homage to him. Cowboy movies, from the generation before.
See I could never guess all this stuff whole world to learn.

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