The Talk of the Town ’42

Another Columbia movie, just finished watching it.
Comedy, legal drama, romance style, little bit of Mr Smith goes to Washington, it isnt a Capra film though.
Only recognized Ronald Colman after he shaved off his beard lol.
Cary Grant in a role , ive never really seen him in, a criminal bad guy, sort of.
Then he becomes more amiable and more of the playboy accustomed to.
Jean Arthur is awesome, shes adorable and lovely.
And, yeah couldnt recognize her from the older movies neither, but now I know.
So I enjoyed this movie, little slow in some parts, but once it gets going one becomes invested in the characters.
The small town feel, and the double crossing, the legal aspect was a fun little side plot.
Wasnt the greatest movie Ive watched from the Columbia list but It was still good. Funny in some parts, strange love triangle in a way.
Jean Arthur and Cary Grant made sense, since Colman had gotten his dream of becoming supreme court.
It was a good movie, glad I watched it. The trio are great actors, I really enjoy watching Cary Grant, and Colman and Arthur.
I cant believe I couldnt recognize Colman till he shaved off his beard and that little mustache he wore.
He;s a top tier actor forsure, compelling and interesting, and a neat vocabulary and dialogue, maybe not so much of a comedy, but still had its moments.
Baseball scene was cool cause im a baseball fan, the dance scene with Colman and Ms Bush was funny.
Jean Arthur being flustered with the 2 men is funny too.
Cool seeing the Columbia casting some similar faces in different variety of roles.

Author: clayton

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