The More the Merrier ’43

Don’t know much about this film, I know Jean Arthur big fan, shes fantastic.
Another Washington movie this time mid-war.
Its a romantic comedy, It was pretty funny actually compared to some of the recent ones I’ve seen.
I really like this movie.
Farragut Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead, the dude was Navy and in the War of 1812 lol.
Thats a little before my time. I enjoy both the British Empire and the 13 colonies.
Im not american so British is more my heritage, or french even. I bet the French wish they followed suit of the 13 colonies thats just a strong hunch.
Anyways this movie has barely anything to do with what Im talking about, its more, Washington is crowded and Mr cant remember his name, hes some big time housing guy.
Joe Something. Ms Milligan, they all are cramped in this apartment, you get to know the characters, a love story ensues, comedy aswell. I think Jean Arthur is really great in this movie, shes super funny in her awkwardness, super beautiful to. Anyways its a fun movie. Neat time capsul into Washington DC in ’42. People chilling on the rooftops was cool. The funniest scene was Ms Milligan crying at her Carolina wedding eating catfish ahaha. Just cause you can tell that wasnt her dream wedding, but it was a humorous situation. The ending and the ‘Scandal’ wasnt the best story line, in my opinion but worked out. The Fbi investigating Joe something cause he had binoculars spying on Ms Milligan lol. People in love were so funny back then, its such a big deal crossing the door into bedrooms, its like had to be all dressed to go out and be all this way and that way, in conversation and appearances and dining. Nowadays its just sweat pants, with the kids and dog and go get groceries, and mac and cheese with weiners lol. Not fancy hats in boxes, or maybe Im just chilling with the wrong people ahaha, that would be more of a formal office setting I would think.
Tyler O’Neill just hit 5th consecutive opening day HR most since 1900 lol.
Sorry watching baseball right now too.
Anyways Mr cant remember his name, hes all rambuctious, sets the couple up on a date, hes behind the scenes a bunch.
He starts off as poor and etc, but hes old and smart, and high up business man with power.
So the routine with Ms Milligan was awesome.
I don’t know I would watch that again.
Its not like a Capra movie, Capra was more hardcore in characters and stories, this one more light comedy. But just as good. I didn’t know what to expect was able to enjoy it over a few days without thinking too much. With a somewhat happy ending despite the war.

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