Gilda ’46

Just watched Gilda 46 for the first time, it was really good. Compared to others on the Columbia list the ones I watched of course have been Stooges, and some other romantic screwball comedies, Or action I guess, Or the Capra movies, this one just hit differently was like a film noire, Drama romance, adventure.
The film was cool, with the main character narrating style like Sin city. Johnny was the main character, gambler, then ends up running the Casino, love triangle ensues, then a faked death. I guess thats Glenn Ford, my first Glenn Ford Movie. Rita Hayworth Plays the songstress sultry, and mischievous bride.George Macready plays the bad guy German, all three were pretty awesome. Just in this film everyones life is always falling apart and sadness misery, hopelessness. Even though having many material things, other problems with the illegal casino. Nice Argentinian flavor to make it different than a Hollywood picture. american in Argentina that is. ANyways was a awesome movie, had a cool atmosphere and setting. Wasnt sure what to expect, but was a fun dramatic picture. Would definitely recommend and watch again. Glenn Ford is super cool, drives a cool card and smokes alot of cigaretttes. Mean mug lol, but hes a softy for Gilda, cept the time he beats her.
Gilda is a trouble maker but she has her moments too. Interesting history of her personally. And, I guess Columbia and her, had a bit of a turbulent history, but all that being said, Im glad to have watched this movie, first intro to all these actors for me. Actually reminds me a little of the Game Grim Fandango casino year just the style and aesthetic. So thats cool and I wonder if the game creator had seen this movie.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85