New medias, Kong Zilla Empire & Fallout Tv show

Just quick filler post before I forget.
Seen Kong Zilla New Empire in theatres, enjoyed it.
Wasn’t as good as the first one, but nearly as good.

I think It was covid, and excited for something awesome and watching it with a friend made it more than a movie it was an experience.
Seeing it second time (neon kong) it wasnt as exciting.

New movie it was good, wasn’t chintzy on the monsters and over the top ness.
New Kong would watch again, wanty to see Minus one first.

I liek how the Kong movies arent chintzy and give the audience what it wants no matter how ridiculous it is, and just to keep the story going cause thats what the fans want, so I like how it does that very well.

Fallout TV show, just finished.
I have a couple critiques, but overall it was enjoyable, entertaining.
I would have done some things a little differently.
But this adaptation was pretty good above average even.
I would watch it again.
Favorite character is ghoul and his human form, Lucy was pretty good too.
Those would be my top characters, not that I didn’t like max or flame lady, or vault dwellers. just didn’t pack as much punch of actors as Walton Goggins, he is really suberb.
Yehn sets are awesome, costumes, good, cast good writing good, like not too many complaints. Id rate it as just a little above Wednesday the new Addams family, just different genre.
I dunno when something beloved becomes immortalized on film, it has me feeling the same way as Spiderman Movie or Xmen movie.
Its like yeh as a fan, I woulda done it differently, but also exposes more fans to the franchise, which begs the question, is it industry or movie made to please the fans or me in particular, obviously has to make money, to be long running or successful, that mean more mainstream audience. Im just sometimes, I like a fan fiction, not the Miley Cyrus of nerd turned movies into mainstream. Definitely better than what they did to my beloved TMNT. ANd, yeh Im happy they made the show, happy with the adaptation, I just would have done it a little differently. Im sure and wouldnt have been as popular as this show is now. Im happy for its success and hope it is a long running franchise show, with some spin offs, then everyone gets a chance at directing sorta like a Star Trek, or StarWars, definitely shit the bed lately, but it has to be mentioned because, ultimately none of this is true new material, from Kong to Fallout. I could have handled a little darker humour. Um. Does everything have to be a generic audience thing no, but once you do a big project like that, tend to try and have as inclusive audience. But if its the exclusive audience that made it ‘cool’ to begin with, isnt that a disservice. ANyways fuckin hollywood and remakes lol. Thats why I like old movies unless you gonna be like Kong and just be overkill gratuitous, its not my first movie.

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