The Lady from Shanghai ’47 second time

Ok so watched this again, nearly 1 whole year since last time.
This was before I was doing the Columbia movie list.
So this was my First Rita Hayworth film, not ‘Gilda.’

Anyways what can I say I love this movie, I love how Welles tells the story.
Its a dark mystery story but its fun.
He says some really cold lines.

I like the movie cuts, sets and scenes, the close ups the crazy scenes, the walks in the park.
Its definitely a little more odd than some other films, you get some close ups and grimaces.
Don’t really know whats going on till the end.
Tragedy in a way, crime courtroom drama, I like the Having an edge line, and the sharks in a frenzy at their own blood.
Having seen it twice I would still see it again someday.
I just like Welles voice and acting.
Hes all love stricken by Rita lol.
And shes married just its similar to ‘Gilda’ but not quite.
Shes good in the movie too goes from innocent to murderer, speaks Chinese, The San Francisco set.

Author: clayton

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