All The King’s Men ’49

Woohoo 2 decades of Columbia greats finished with this movie.
Ive been having a blast watching all these actually.
Even though Im not USA American, and I couldnt get all the movies for 100$, Even though Columbia doesnt care about me, I still care about Columbia lol. The Stooges and these movies are a great entertainment to me. And despite the studios I know that people in film make em to get paid, but also entertain others of all races shapes and sizes. This movie All the Kings Men, never heard of it at all, I mean the title evokes a type of movie. Starts off with a well to do farmer citizen, gets a law degree, gets first taste of power, then drunk off power, and infecting everyone around him in a powerful whirlwind with death and murder, suicide. The acting wasn’t that hot, but it also wasn’t a conventional film, it was more shot like a documentary, with narrator. Its fictional but passed off as a news real reality. Any State USA. Capital and just generic places. The characters go from farmer types to gritty political insiders, reporters, old Governor Family, and that encapsulated world. So it was a neat movie to watch full of characters and actors Ive never heard of, and not the fancy film parts of LA, more like the dusty backroads of small towns and mobs and police and just maybe a bit of a pre back to the future vibe, pre soda shops and hot rods. Fun seeing unknown to me actors doing their things makes for a neat experience in cinema, compared to when you recognize a few actors, anyways and the story was really good the ups and downs of running for Governor, and going from family man, to some kind of human drunk abomination, some of those scenes game me the chuckles. It was a little hard to believe, but still in a good way, I enjoyed it. It was really a tragedy with no way out lol, I guess im a bit of a sadist and found humour in that ahaha, yeh anyways. Ok favorite actor was the King and his men I guess, Willy, hes the Governor, Sadie the raspy campaign secretary, The reporter, good guy following the lead in a story, eventually has to make a moral; decision, Sugar, the muscle errand boy. Willy was good at giving speeches, was actually fun to hear him rant and yell about whatever. Big burly drunk type with a angry voice good yeller. Sadie was a good yeller too, lol she said some crass things for a lady actress lol so she was definitely believable character, the other innocents, were soft and not as crass or rugged, hicks like he said. Man of the hicks. Funny in retrospect the dirt roads, and the hospitals was really eye opening to the politics styles back then and comparing to now. I wonder if its because most people have enough to not hang out in mobs and rallies, or if they are just distracted or if the government is doing a better of a job then in this fictional story. I can tell ya with no cell phones and whisky being liek the only thing to do, besides toil in the field, participating in a mob sounds kinda fun. If they all had Xboxes and air conditioning guaranteed no one would have patience to spend a free day on a politician ahaha, or many the craft is so rinsed none of those tricks or deception works anymore, every trick in the book rinsed and repeated.
Anyways cool movie for me to watch, was nothing like MR Smith in Washington, although I thought it might be sort of similar. Yeh just more of a drama from the time I think, and a story people would enjoy, it was kind of a thriller too. Little different than any other movie Ive seen. Just a unique story and its way of telling it.
Good movie would watch again.

John Ireland, the Reporter was Canadian born in Vancouver, He was the first person from Vancouver to be nominated for Academy Award.
Grown up in New York though.
Based on a southern Governor in real life never heard of. Based off a book.
Culturally significant film. Love those.
Good movie.

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