In a Lonely Place ’50

Woo new decade in Columbia Films.
Didn’t get this one free had to buy it.
This movie was awesome, Humphrey Bogart is such a crazy character, hes a loose cannon lol.
Its almost funny if it wasn’t so tragic.
I mean just his character in the Film Dix Steele, what a name.
Hes a troubles Hollywood writer, with a small clique. He beats up his friends, hes got a side to him thats completely crazy,k and beats up people on the streets and in cafes. Hes one of the grab a woman by the arms type. Naturally Laurel is a Hollywood actress shes very beautiful, out of work but very classy and suave. So shes somewhat attracted to Dix Steele, lol just feel wrong typing that. Anyways theres a murder. The whole movie youre wondering if it was Dix or not, all his friends are like yeah Dix is totally psycho lol, so youre like hmmm I wonder.. Anyways the movie focuses around his troubled writing, and finally gets his muse Laurel, but Laurel sees the insane part of Dix so shes like yeah no this can’t go on, but she lets it go on, the stress from the murder charges, and well Dix decides wants to get married, but finds out the deception so he flies off the handle again. And, just at the end when everyone is battered and broken and broken hearted they get the call that this other dude no one has heard of ‘kessle’ had done it. So in shorter words the movie is fantastic, its like a modern day shakespeare heavy film noir.Just happiness for a few moments, then non stop tragedy, you wish you could shake some sense into these crazy characters and tell them what youve seen as the audience, but the characters won’t listen, and are too driven by passionate emotions lol. Its a very cool movie stylish, elegant. Dix Ptsd going up beating people up at the parties, is strange, you don’t see a guy like Humphrey being too violent, but boy you don’t want to say the wrong thing to him, cause once he flies off the handle he’s really gone. Laurel is super stunning for a lady from the 50’s shes very elegant and pretty and her voice is nice. Shes sexy too, just in her mannerisms and the things that she says. Its a old fashioned chauvinist style with the woman secretary breakfast maker, arm candy. But yeh she does manage to break his heart from being scared half to death lol. Chuckles, anyways didnt know they made movies liek this just the anti-thesis love story. Everything that could possibly go wrong. But you can’t look away.
I really enjoyed this one would definitely watch again or show a friend. This is the movie to watch by yourself on valentines. Plus they make Humphrey look like such a sadistic psycho, with the eye filters, its like a borderline horror lol. I don’t know awesome movie, something completely different.
I feel sad they didnt give the ending everyone wanted, only a real twisted writer would do something like that like a big joke, but its well received.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85