Born Yesterday ’50

The Columbia list continues!
What an odd movie.
Focuses around a ditzy blonde, and a thug steel junk guy in Washington DC.
I guess he there to get some congressman deals.
Shes there as the silent business partner, signing stuff.
She embarrasses the thug guy with the congressman and their high class gatherings so he hires professor type to teach her the ropes about DC and educate her into not being such a low class person with no conversation or manners. Anyways time goes on Professor teaches her all these things about government and founding fathers, art, music, literature. Then she has a revalation shes working for the wrong person. Anyways, in short order they turn it around on the thug, through various scenes. Couldn’t tell if it was a comedy, more of a drama, coming of age for the young lady. Knowledge is power sort of thing. So lead lady was great, she won bunch of awards for this film. Um the thug guy, can’t remember the characters name, just a hilarious actor. Theyre the type to scream at each other, and yell out WHAT!? Its very hick trashy lol. But he plays the character so great. Just a boisterous fellow that thinks everyone can be bought. He’s like Whaaat ! Eating on a mutton chop and wipes the food off his face. Just the conversations and interactions the 2 characters are hilarious, like playing cards, and she insults him, and he loses his top, always mean muggin and yellin and why I oughta back hands. And, they stop arguing for the maid, and get right back to it when she leaves. The thug guy is Broderick Crawford, hes the same as the Willie Stark in all the King’s men. So its funny to see him as a (sorta) well to-do politician turned corrupt, to a full blown white collar criminal thug lol. He’s just not impressed with anything, hes like who asked ya!? All crazy eyed. So a very crass character but he plays it so well, its hard not to admire the acting. Lead actress Judy Holliday, shes so funny with her lines. Its like every dialogue is unique. She has a really unique voice too was kind of difficult to make out what she was saying seemed like a thick vintage New York accent. I personally don’t hear dialect like that too often. Anyways maybe Im wrong but not like a English English, an American English. Anwyays shes an adorable character, always upset about trivial things, like when Proffesor calls her 30 she loses it. Or she like dances around what she means, Im not totally sure about this character, leaves alot to the imagination, and not really sure what shes thinking or will say next. Round character.Delightful aswell. She comes off crass but shares some stories about her dad and ethics, etc, grows a bit. So yeh Judy Holliday and Broderick steal the show, I would enjoy watching more of either of their films. As for this one I’d probably watch again, just to see how wild Broderick gets, and how funny the interactions like the card game were, just how he talks to people is so off the wall. You just don’t see that nowadays in real or in media. Maybe like a memory sequence of someones old dad or something. Anyways film was entertaining, been happy watching these sequentially too. Its like a history of film. And, I like Columbia make good movies. Everytime I watch a Columbia film, I have expectations it will be above average film. Or bring something new to the table, and the last few Ive watched no different. Not super comedies, but they have their moments.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85