5000 Fingers of Dr. T. ’53

First colour movie from the Columbia 100 year list.
Wow what a interesting movie.
So I know Dr Seuss, didn’t know there was movies like before the cat in the Hat.
Might have to check that out too, still haven’t seen it.
Super interesting to watch this and get transported to a kids/family show from 1953, kids back then musta thought ‘this is the shit!’
The bands, musical scenes, the weird sets. Like you know the painted on sets, that make the filming picture much larger or stranger than it is.
Dream sequences, and the real life post war America, any town USA with the big trees and the nuclear family. Kinda enjoy that for what it is. The dream sequences were crazy, was like a psychedelic ballet musical, whimsical, and songs that didnt really make too much sense, but singing for the joy of singing and dancing and so on.
Film kinda breaks tyhe 4th wall, talking directly to the audience. And, dreams, turning into realitly imagination, that innocent child spirit, pretending. Kinda like Mr Rogers. I like the Dungeon scene with the musical perfomance, seemed akin to Dr Seuss for me, just big crazy drawings of instruments and tools that make no sense. And also going down in the dungeon. The kids getting all their suitcases searched was weird, and biut of a post war vibe from the administration buttons, switches, the enforcement spot lights.
Overall a pretty cool movie for the first non black and white film, and not a drama or a romantic comedy just a kids family film, so that was cool.
Yeh neat to see that for the first time ever today.
Like I wrote to a friend wasnt no Mary Poppins but it was still good.
You know like comparing this to like a new disney flick its just so weird. Say something that kids might like, like Frozen, or like Beaty and the beast more my era, maybe Aladin, I musta seen Aladin 150 times, So if I had to watch 5000 fingers 150 times I might go insane, but yeh didnt really have VCR back then must have been more difficult to see something, youd have to go to the theatre. But same as Titanic people saw that movie half dozen times in theatre. Double VHS 2 Cassettes I remember. So VCR and VHS was pretty amazing for when I grew up. Only limited by time as the rewind button to how many times you could watch media.. I guess you could have reel to reel, but that doesnt seem as accessible. Although I do remember some reel to reel in school growing up .. lol. Glad I still have those memories, and not just a strictly digital memory bank. Thats what this film is memories and Nostlagia pop culture faded away, barely present in todays world. Dr Seuss is popular, but still its been a while since I though about it. Not liek a nmain feature, and presentation and a household name. You’d assume its a household name, but i’d wager like 1/5 people or more I know don’t know Dr Seuss.

This song and dungeon master is memorable from the film.

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