Curb your Enthusiasm Season 12 Finale ’24

Not much to write watched the whole of season 12 recently.
I’d say it was really good probably the better adult comedy shows of this era.
Best Jokes, Best Cameos, best belly laughter.
Theyre not chintzy on the jokes, its all a big joke lol.
Its too bad laughing at Larry most of the time, but I think hes a grown up comedian that knows what he’s toing, certainly makes a fine TV show.
Just the most hilarious awkward comedy, and heavy juxtapositions, and oxymorons exageree to the max. People don’t act like they do in the TV show, but when its exaggerated and done for a comedy sure turns out funny.
People always taking things out of context.
I thought the cameos were great, Conan, Lori Loughlin, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Buscemi… some nice flashback scenes, but more suble than last episodes of Seinfeld, and the ending was fantastic, With Jerry there.
Actually it made me pretty sad it was over, felt like the end of an era, and historic, and just that you know those laughs will never be new again.
That being said, thankfull for all the entertainment and laughter throughout the years. Long running show. Sad to see Richard Lewis pass shortly after the taping was over. And, glad to see him again in those few scenes. There was outpouring of love on social media after his death was announced. JB Smoothe and Larry though kill it together, just funny duo, don;t even think they planned it out going so great. Thats a funny match and interactions. Plus Larry, manager, and Suzie, thats another funny ass quartet. I liked Vince Vaughnn come in, after Super Dave was gone. Nah the whole show, is an homage to comedy, comedians, getting all the cameos everyone together in a free for all. Makes me think of Ben Stiller and David Scwhimmer Michael J Fox. You couldnt ask for a better show as a audience. Rich people problems and completely un relatable to most people like always dining out, and the country club and LA dinner parties etc, but the jokes were really simple and still funny af. Plus the characters don’t change too much, meaning you could completely destroy their relationship amongst themselves for one scene, and the next scene start from scratch with no old beef. Yeh emotional ending cause im sad its over, but Im glad it was around for so long and so well done and wasn’t chintzy at all with jokes, the show just kept on giving and getting better and better, wilder and wilder, till it was a meme, and its hard to distinguish the real life and show, cause on the show he goes and acts a fool on judge Judy, and other day time shows, then in real life he goes to strangle Elmo live on a daytime show. lol. I thought that was pretty funny, and Im a sesame street fan, I mean yea as a kid i mighta been traumatized, but as an adult that was a hilarious scene, I mean compared to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock or the actual taboos and nastiness that goes around in the world. Nice to just escape turn it on and know you’re going to laugh . Im not sure what else to say, but been watching Seinfeld for years, and its nice to have a newer show as a continuation in sorts, plus HBO swearing more crudeness cmon.
Probably one of my favourite shows lately, like Fallout doesnt even compare, different style, but its just whole tiers away. Not sure theres anywhere as much replay value, but who know maybe Im wrong. Should keep it to rthe positives, but yea I know what I like. I watch movies from the 30s-50s so its rare im super committed to new medias.

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