The Big Heat ’53

Woo more Columbia films completed.
Gotta love this one, the Big Heat, difficult plot, took a while to understand what was happening.
Starts off with a suicide, a suicide with evidence tying some crime kingpins to be put away.
What does the widow do, she goes on the payroll to keep quiet. Besides her husband cop was cheating.
Enter Glenn Ford, well to do Homicide Detective, starts picking around too much, kingpins get annoyed.
Kill off the barfly girl that had a alternative story, kills off Banion’s wife, with a car bomb. They called it pre-prohibition crimes.
The Car bomb wasnt expecting that.
The Banion goes off the deep end.
Does some investigations, somehow attracts vinces girl Gloria.
She gets all impressed with his chivalry, then he hits her with cold lines, like Id probably choke on the drink (she offered him) and I wouldnt touch anything of vinces with a 10ft pole.
Anyways we start getting the gist that Lasagna, is a political empowered crim boss, Vince is his stooge, but Larry even more so, Larry got sloppy with some leads and folds like a cheap hand. Not before telling Vince, that Gloria was at Bannions hotel, Vince scalds her with some boiling coffee ruining her looks, Gloria starts to fall in love with Banion, but he refuses to talk about his wife. Finally Gloria goes over to the widows house and shoots her cold to get the story out. Waiting in the dark Gloria hits vince with a second pot of coffee in the face in this film. Bannion and vince have shoot out, and Glorias disfigured corpse on the living room floor..
Bannion gets re-instated (he was fired as a cop for digging too much)
Good movie though lol, I enjoy Glenn Ford and Gloria on screen.
Even thought its liek not happy ending so much, its justice cold hard justice.
I like the Interactions with the general populace, hes beating people up, telling people to scram.
You got the ol army folk watching over the daughter after the cops shit the bed on the protection duty.
And right away they razzin’ each other with old war stories lol classic. Except this time its the original war story, anyways they all playing cards with their revolvers at the house lol.
So it was Gloria with Humphrey, and with Vince and she does not have luck with men, lol, and Glenn with Rita and his wife gets car-bombed lol, not much luck with women.
But they sure look cool on film acting it out. Glenn goes from gambler to policeman and he plays both roles well, and Gloria Actress to gangster gf/ barfly with a dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde face..
Anyways liked that movie, wasnt much comedy about it but I enjoyed watching it. Gotta love this era in Hollywood and the studio. Noticed one of the back drops was like a cardboard city, just looked cool. For Vince Penthouse. People with nothing else going on but drinking, smoking, and playing cards. Funny to see what the bars looked like. Honestly makes me want to have a drink and smoke with the cast as their always in the liquor cabinet, but more of a stylish affair.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85