Caine Mutiny ’54

Interesting first time seeing this film.
Follows ensign Keith, On the minesweeper rag tag ship the Caine. Ww2
Herman Wouk novel writer name came up, its been a long time since I heard that name, since my youth.
Um its a great movie, I was fascinated to learn about the Let the Fire Fall Yosemite. Just a cool place Ive gotta visit sometime next time im in the area, ill make a point to visit.
The boat doesnt get into too much action, but some of the behaviors displayed by the captain Queegs, (after old captain gone) Its funny cause Ensign messed up a pretty big order he signed off on. which the original captain, was pretty forgiving about considering it was his transfer papers, so ensign starts off right away on the bad foot.
The film goes on, the Captain starts jackin some guy up about his shirt and lets the boat run over its own tow line, thats when I was like yeh this guy is crazy, Hes like shut up and let me think, or shut up while im disciplining this guy about a shirt, meanwhile the boat is about to crash into itself lol. Yeh the strawberries, that was funny. Then the mutiny behaviors of the writer, ensign and second in command. Well they get into a typhoon, and the little miniature boat that sure was odd to see, lol, little miniature boat getting tossed about after seeing them on board the real ship so long. But whatever its a movie, I can get past the old special effects, it was a rough storm. The court martial was another part of the film, seems like the prosecution had it all figured out. Till Queegs went off on some tangent. What do I think, well the old Captain seen alot of action, and was obviously off his old rocker, if he was just deliberately trying to sink the shiop he wasnt.
And, well the prosecutor too said it himself, he asked for help, but still pretty poor leader based on some today standards, lots more could have gone wrong, they should have tried to correct it, after the tow line, before the marine beach landing or during. Fictional tale anyways but makes for a neat navy officer JAG type story. The final drink in the face lol, not sure why the writer was all switched up testimony during the trial, defense guy was like throws the drink in his face. I dunno cool movie, Humphrey plays the off his rocker type, not unlike the writer in that last movie I seen him in. Glad I dont have to deal with some boat full of crazies in a war lol. Makes for a neat fictional story, I mean truth is stranger than fiction, but this one lays it on pretty good, it feels real and well its like a bit like some of the other military navy court dramas of today, Im sure pulled some inspiration from this.
Classic movie, glad I got to experience the first time.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85