The Man from Laramie ’55

James Stewart Western, didnt know there was such a thing.
Good movie, kinda sad, little bit of action, lots of misunderstanding.
Nice ending.
Sure Vic coulda ended up better than his fate, had he told Mr Waggon the truth, although, not sure mr wagon woulda heard it.
Like that ending though, he gets shot, then pause like 6 seconds, and an arrow in the back lol.. Thats pretty hardcore for a movie from 1955 lol.
Anyways the mystery of the Repeating rifles.

So Im a James Stewart Fan, always liked his movies, his characters, Him on Johnny Carson. Last movie I seen on the Blog with him was Mr Deeds in Washington. This tim his name is Mr Lockhart, or Captain Lockhart so hes always got the aesthetic name. Nah as first western I seen in a while this was a good one.
Hes like That Waggon family makes no sense!

Brutal opening scene the one to start the drama, that kid Dave sure was a wild one too.
Just obssesed with fighting killing, sneaky, I dont know typical villain. I like the Mr Wagon Character, Strong, old changing, trying to leave his empire cause hes going blind, charges through all blind to a gun fight, Lockhart doesnt kill him. Its interesting cause, that same type of character point happened in the Fallout. The Good guy has a chance to finish off the bad guy, and decides not too, cause well youd lower yourself to the same level as the villain.
I like the New Mexico landscape, quite nice actually for a desert, rough terrain for those horses was impressed. Strong accompanying actors. Vic playing the role pretty good. Seemed like Mr Waggon was reading the lines a bit, but still turned out one of the better characters. Kinda sad to see him all blind at the half moon house, and they still looked after him. Yeh Believable James Stewart. The one scene, hes like the drunk jumps off a roof trying to stab him, 30 seconds later hes chilling at the wedding like nothing happened, that was weird. Another one was Mr Wagon, hes like mourning his son, 30 seconds later hes like oh theres a wagon we are missing, must be the rifles, lets go find the missing rifle shipment. Oh its over here. Yeh I guess the truth was unravelling, couldnt figure out if it was Dave or Vic that was the main culprit in the repeating rifle wagon apache affair but yeh typical fashion, he arrives like the starship enterprise and stays untiol all the bad is eradicated and moves on. So was a good movie, id watch that again, just for the scenery and action scenes, and stay for the plot. New Mexico like the way they show looks pretty unique place, makes for some cool cowboy movies. Looks hot and dusty and rocky. But still scenic and huge valleys and plateaus. Theres a book too, looks kinda interesting. It brands itself like revenge tale, but its more like blind justice, and shooting yourself in the foot kinda. I mean he does good deeds, but the antogonists just unravel and are their own undoing. Had the antagonists played it smart theyd really give ol Lockhart a rough time. Yup and end badly for the liar, the apache scene I mentioned lol. Shoulda thrown in a wilhem scream for my pleasure. That would be the scene.

First time I ever seen a Anthony Mann picture, but some interesting things on his wiki about scenery.
Strategic Air Command seems kinda interesting.
Bunch of other movies seem interesting. Always neat finding a whole catalogue of things I knew nothing about.
The anti hero and his work with James Stewart.
I guess the real Laramie is in Wyoming with a big altitude, rail town education center.

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